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iVAC Switch Box SB-NA_1AMP

iVAC Switch Box SB-NA_1AMP

  • SB-NA_1AMP
  • Cad $6244

Automated dust control switch. Used for tools & dust collectors operating on 115Vac @ 15Amps maximum. Automatically turns on your dust collector (up to 1HP) or shop vacuum when you turn on a power tool plugged into the unit. The dust collector will continue to run for 6 seconds after the tool has been turned off in order to clear any dust and debris in the hoses.

Some power tools, such as the Festool Kapex Miter Saw, have built in electronics that draw enough current to make the iVAC Switch Box (model SB-NA) start the dust collector as soon as the power tool is plugged into the Tool Power outlet of the Switch Box. Perform the modification described in these instructions to increase the switching threshold of the Switch Box from 300 ma to 1 amp so that it will work with power tools with this characteristic.

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